Somfy Glydea Motorised

Glydea by Somfy is the New Generation in Remote Controlled and Home Automated Curtain Track systems. Glydea brings completely new dimensions to your home. Motorised Curtains are not only the decoration; they also bring your home to life. With Glydea you have the freedom to create the right ambience with just a simple touch of a button. Glydea innovative belt system enables a smooth and quiet operation to ensure you enjoy complete peace of mind.

  • A Somfy Product with a 5 year warranty on Motors, Controls and Sensors.
  • A Standard Curtain or Ripplefold option is available.

Efficiency: Touch Motion feature, to open and close the curtains simply by pulling on the fabric. Adjustable speed:12.5cm/s to 20cm/s (

  • Soft start and stop function.
  • Automatic or adjustable limit settings.
  • Inegrated 24V power supply.
  • Built in transformer.
  • From Plug and play to more advanced solutions.

Glydea Discreet Motors

Glydea Ripple-fold

Glydea remote control RippleFold Track, is Eyelet and Sliders System. Each slider is connected and spaced at 50mm intervals. A Clear Heading Tape is attached to your Curtains and using gathering hooks sapced at 100 mm giving an approx 100% fullness of curtain, giving it the WAVE LOOK