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Track 25 is a square slimline track with a wheeled runner. Measuring only 17mm wide and 14 mm deep, it is ideal for top fixing into a confined situation. Different combinations both hand operated, with either a standard heading or Ripplefold options can be achieved. A set includes a standard face fixed bracket. For the ultimate in Ripplefold, combine our Supreme Ripplefold Track in front with Track 25 behind.

  • Both Track 25 and Ripplefold are available in Anodised or White finishes.

Fineline offers a clean, efficient and smooth operating curtain track system

Track 25 Standard

Single Track 25 (1 Hand Drawn)T2501
Double Track 25 (2 Hand Drawn)T2505


The MK2 RippleFold is an eyelet slider system where each slider is connected, with spacing of 50mm intervals. A Clear Heading Tape, ideal for sheers is attached to a curtain. Gathering Hooks spaced at 100mm apart giving 100% fullness. For an easy made and hung curtain, with that Elegant Wave Look. For added or reduced fullness spacing of gathering hooks can be altered.